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Why do I have to enter an 'invitation' code?

To become a member you must be invited (through a referral link) or attain an invitation code and then be accepted after manual review. Our publishers only recieve a limited number of invites periodically. These restrictions ensure that publishers are particular about who they invite, resulting in the careful drafting of new talent. This is important to achieve our goal of building a PPD site with unmatched features, a strong community and a high-performing userbase.

Limiting numbers allows us to control growth and ensure that our small company and service can scale with the increased load. We know it's not perfect, but it's the most effective way to turn our dream into a reality.

How do I get an invite?

The most obvious way to get an invite is to ask your friends (or followers) if they're already in and get an invite through them - it's likely that they will be familiar with your skillset. If your contacts don't have any invites left, try searching twitter and various forums for people looking to recruit. It is possible for your application to be rejected even if you have been invited by an active FileSummit member - to minimize this risk provide as much information, evidence and detail as possible in your application.

Be sure to 'Like' the FileSummit Facebook page as we post invitation codes there on occasion.